Friday, May 6, 2011

A baby will be born into the real world

It is told . . At a time  when a baby will be born to the real world

The baby was said to God : “the angels are here to say that tomorrow you will be send me to the world, but how do I live there? I was so small and weak.”

 God replied : “I had to choose one for your angel. She will take care of and loved with all his heart.”

Baby asked : “but here, in heaven, what I do is sing,play and laugh. This is enough for me to be happy.”

God replied: “your angel will be singing and smiling for you everyday, and you will feel the warmth of love and be happier there.”

Baby asked: “how can I understand those who talk to me while I do not understand their language?”

God replied: “the angel will speak to you with the most beautiful languange ever you heard, and with patience and attention, she will teach you how to speak.”

Baby asked: “what can I do when I want to talk to YOU?”

God replied : “angel will teach you how to pray and worship to Me.”

Baby asked : “I heard that a lot of bad people on earth. Who will protect me later?”

God replied: “ angel who will protect you, even though it might sacrificed body and soul.”

Baby asked: “ but, I would feel sad that we no longer may meet again.”

God replied: “angel will tell you about me and will teach you how you will be returned as well. Certainly, I will always by your side.”

At that time, heaven was so calm and serene until the voice of earth can be clearly heard.

And the baby said quietly: “God, if I have to go now, can you tell me the name of the angel that you mean it?”

God replied : “you would call that angel as “mother”. Remember, you have to love her and appreciate every sacrifice of your mother. Worship, pray and love for her all the time. She is the only property you have. Instead, the world and the hereafter.”

And for mothers, remember this if you lose your temper with your childeren as these children are growing up. Indeed, under the soles of his feet therein. Wash 4 items with 4 items :
·         Your face with tears of awareness
·         Tongue wet with the remembrance of the Creator
·         Fear and trembling heart the greatness of your God
·         Your sins to repent to the one, just ALLAH

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