Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Too sleepy to handle.

Late night confession is the most meaningful. Yeah. I admit it. This time i put my ego on the very top. I'm being too selfish right now. Simple.

Just in case, someone talk bad about me and something not good to be hear. I do not care at all. I'm just be myself. I wouldn't let the others ruin my life. Hey guys, dont let me down. If you think with these kind of your attitudes you can make me down. You're totally wrong.

Whatever happen comes with reasons. I take all of these as a lessons. Sometimes, if we think we are the greatest, kind and so on enough. These things will kill you. Just be a humble person.

I'm just so done with all these stuffs. Problems everywhere. Sucks. I'm really tired dude. So, farewell everything.

Dont find the other me. Thanks.

Bi broken? Lantak laaaa. Pi mati pi mati -..-

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