Thursday, October 15, 2015


Hey dude. 

Can you please say hi to me?
Can you please ask my condition?
Can you please concern abt me?
Can you please wish goodnight to me?

Oh shit. This feeling is crap. I might have big crush on you and this is not okay at all. Because of what? Every single time when i saw your activities on my timeline i hope that you will greet me at least mention my tweet or whatever. I really sure that i'm not fall in love with you or whatever im just confuse what feeling is this. Seeing your name pop out in my notifications can make me smile all day long. I swear to god i never care about your existence before this but now you are far away from me i feel something missing. In fact, we just friends and nothing. We dont have any relationship neither a close friendship.  I hope that this feeling will fade away on one fine day. But deep in my heart, i really hope that you will be my everything in my future.

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