Friday, December 11, 2015



Pillow talk session with myself. Poor me. No one wanna talk with me. Sad me is sad right now.

I had a crush on a guy since 15 years till now. Its been 4 years so far but still keep admiring on him. I'm loyal. So you (crush), too luck to have me as your secret admirer huhuhuhu. You are the only one I'm dreaming and admiring during my high school. The one that I will stalk for every step wherever you go. The one that I will stare during your football training. The one that I looking for in prefects meeting. God, I miss high school. Damn, I been stalker for 3years in that school. Hahaha.

I didnt realise that how much I've been like you but I know it just an obsession. Too much obsession on you. But now, time changed. We're no longer in a same place. No more 'you' in my view. No more you in my campus. No more you in my college. Never. You never been anywhere where I am. We're in different place but you still in my mind. Shit. Why your appearance influencing me? So hard.

You are very far from me. In fact, very far from Malaysia. Your absence out of the blue drive me crazy. And suddenly you disappeared on social media. Why you create a distance for no reasons? Why you still have the nerve to ignore me?

Until today I still remember the day that you came to my campus and gave a bar of chocolate to me. Your simple whatsapp and that camel before 'korban'. Your simple direct message on twitter. These stuffs look like just little things and simple but they mean much more than everything because I had a crush on you. Hahahaha.

May Allah ease your study. Take a good care of your health and yourself.

I'm jealous of people who get to see you everyday.

(Selagi kau tak kahwin wei selagi tu aku crush kat kau. Payah betul nak move on ni. Kahkahkahkah)

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