Thursday, December 24, 2015


plural noun: goals

Goal. A crossbar with a net attached behind it where people use in football soccer rugby hockey and some other games.

Goal is something like an object of a person's ambition or effort. An aim or desired result. I'm pretty sure that everyone has their own goal or maybe goals. Yaaaa, a lot of goals. 

I'll talk about the second goal. As for me goal is synonym as what I want in future or what I want to achieve. This is all about what I want. Goal is major key for someone to achieve what I want. If someone has his or her own goal obviously she or he will work hard for it.  

I am Anis. I have my own main goals. First of all, i want to perform hajj with abah and mama insyaAllah. Secondly, I intend to build my own sports planet. Last, this is what I need the most a big house with an amazing kitchen. 

I'm asking you, young people. As an islam and muslim who doesn't want to make a step to makkah to perform hajj. I bet all of us surely want it. So do me. Abah and mama already got their offer to perform hajj next year. InsyaAllah. Mama was with me when she got the letter. Omg she so damn happy then she called abah and informed this. I heard that my abah said alhamdulillah three times and he cried. God bless you guys. So lucky for this. I've sent my very own petittion to perform hajj with my parents. I'm hoping that I'll get the offer. Do pray for me. 

Sports are something that I like the most. I rather spend most of my time on sport rather than sleep for entire day. You know what, when we are too attached with something we will love it for no reason. That is my thought about sport. Living in college life without sports activities are really bored. Damn. I wasted my time with nothing and end up I gained so much weigh now. Sigh. I have a dream which is I want to build my own sports planet in Sabak Bernam. There will be futsal court, netball court, swimming academy, badminton court, gym and of course changing room with comfy bathroom and toilet. I'll make a one the most interesting place to spend time and enjoyable for all ages. 

A big house with an amazing kitchen is my very very very thing I want the most. I love to cook but when there are no suitable utensils and ingredients I'll be "fuck what I'm going to cook today". As a girl and maybe will be a housewife on one fine day. I really need a big kitchen. I'm an OCD person and it hurt seeing something you dont like at your kitchen. Messy refrigerator, scattered things, oily and so on. All these things will ruin my mood and maybe I'm not going to cook on that day. 

I want a lot of money so I can fulfill my own dreams. 

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