Tuesday, December 22, 2015

New life.

New semester. New housemate. New roomate. New classmates. New college. New campus. New life. Everything is new.

At this particular time, adapting myself with this new environment is the most essential. I am homesick person but survived in shah alam. Thanks God. At first i'm quite afraid of myself if I would change my mind and take a step to drop my course and get out from uitm. Alhamdulillah, i did well in my first semester. Never thought that I could be strong as I am now because I never far away from my house. In fact, i love to run from my hostel. Fck hostel. Hahaha.

Shah alam is the best place so far. I love uitm sek7 and intec sek17. I spent most of my time there for 4 months. Intec's library is my favourite spot because of the air-cond, full of books and hot guy from intec hahaha. Study room is the best. Usually, I will spend my long break with my classmates and watch movies. Gosh, i miss Dickens so bad. Guys, please miss me ok.

Uitm Dengkil is a new chapter for me. Everything is new. Unfortunately, lack of necessities such as atm, laundry and most of the shop still not opening yet. Somehow I feel like "am I in asrama now?" This place is so deppresing. Bad coverage. Worst wifi. And yeah i feel like stranded in a jungle.

Just for another 4 months to go. I challenge myself to survive and do my best for this semester. My goal now is study study study and hope there will be a place for me to pursue my degree. 

God, pls help me and make me realise that i'm here only for abah and mama. Study for them and for myself. I couldnt ask more what I want now is my concentration and focus on my study.

And yeah, I'm gonna love this place one day. Mark my words.

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