Saturday, February 6, 2016

DO we?

I have problems with people lately. I have feeling that you're just a friend. A friend. That's it. No best friend. No best friend forever ever or whatsoever.

Friendship. Relationship. I don't give a damn on these two ship at this time being.
The only thing I ship right now is scholarship.

I have a problem with overly-attached people. Living with a squad for almost 7 months really gives many wonderful moments. We already on week 8. 6 week left bitches. I always thinking of this. 

What will happen after this? 
Do we still can meet each other? 
Do we still can yelling and cursing at each other? 
Do we still have time to eat together? 
Do we still talk to each other?
Do we still care to each other?

I'm quite sentimental actually. I love to argue with you all yelling, making fun of you guys and everything. I might be crying someday. You guys are the people who are I overly-attached. My foundation life is totally amazing with you guys. 

My problem is, I am the type of person who not willing to lose my friend. I hate overly-attached friends. This will happen. I will be sad for no reason for a long time. 

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