Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Travel to Perth

Assalamualaikum. Hai.

It been a while that i didnt post anything, so here my story about my vacation. Being a forever bibik and foundation student really stress me out. Serious talk no joke. So i want to reward myself and here i go. Decided to go to perth. I went to Perth for 8 days during winter. It so fucking cold because this is my first time ever. Istg Perth is amazing. My flight was in the morning. The journey took about 4 hours and 30 minutes.

I went to few places, so here you go.

We went to Charcoal Chicken. Told you yeah the food really amazing not to forget the lamb. Half rack of lamb just cost you about 9.90AUD So cheap wehh!!!!!!! You better come to Charcoal Chicken. One of the staff misheard what i have ordered. They gave me rice instead of fries. They said its okay and they gave me fries and also the rice for free. Free food!!!!!!

I went to fremantle on Sunday and its raining. Can you imagine how cold it was. For me, fremantle has many historic building and everything looks very nice and wonderful. Dont forget to go to E-shed market. For those who want to buy souvenirs, megabes is the cheapest place ever. The megabes is located in the E-shed market. 

This is Bather Beach. Its so cold yknow. My friend said the sunset here was really amazing but i couldnt make it to wait for the sunset because it was raining. For those who go to Fremantle dont forget to stop by at Kaili. The best fish and chip ever. I spent a big amount of money at Kaili just for food but i didnt snap a picture because too excited to eat. So sorry. 

Caversham wildlife park pon best jugak but can't beat night safari at Singapore la. Entrance fee will cost you about 27 AUD.

I was too afraid to feed them. 



Watertown Outlet Perth is the best. Istg. The best place to shop. SHOP TILL DROP.

And also Myer Street. A place to shop too. 

The bell tower. 

I still have a lot of pictures to share but i'm too lazy to type. Smh. Fyi, i didnt even rent a car during my vacation to Perth. I really depend on the public transport. I took bus and train everyday. I walked a lot everyday. Thousands steps everyday and i'm proud of myself hihihihihihi. And i didnt even book a hotel nor hostel but stayed at somebody house but still need to pay for it. The most unbelievable part is i just makan luar three times only the rest makan kat rumah. How jimat i was but still boros when it comes about shopping. Hehehehe.

I spent about RM800++ for my flight tickets. I brought about 1000AUD for my daily expenses. I went there for shopping thats why i brought a lot of money if i went there as backpackers and just for fun it will not cost as that much. Perth is amazing.

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