Friday, September 23, 2016

Missing my mama abah.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Being away from your parents is the worst feeling ever. Trust me. I never been away from my parents for a long time. I'm nineteen years old and i think i am good enough to be an adult but i failed. I still cry whenever i miss my mama and abah.

Mama and abah went for hajj since 28th August. They will be away for 40 days. This is my first time ever being separated from my parents for a long time. The day I sent mama abah to Kompleks Tabung Haji Kelana Jaya was the saddest day for me and my siblings. I never expect that we could cry in front of many people. I swear to you guys that was our first time we, siblings crying. We never cry before this even though on eid day.

It already 27 days and 13 days left for mama and abah return to malaysia. They called me once and that time i was in my college. I was so excited and happy but in the same time i was crying. The time i heard my parents' voice that was the most soothing thing ever i heard in the world. The voices that i longing to hear.

I'm totally homesick right now. I have been to my new campus about 1 month and my parents never visit me. This is so heart breaking actually because my parents never fail to send me to my new campus. I just miss them. That's all.

Paling rindu :'(

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